Just a knit show and tell post

Hello folks it’s been quite a while since my last post. I’ve been busy and my free time has been divided between knitting, watching knitting video podcasts, and reading knitting blogs. So here’s just a knit show and tell of one of my knitting projects. The stitch pattern and style of this cardigan was inspired by Jared Flood’s Tinder.

My version of Tinder Cardigan

Pattern: I didn’t have a written knitting pattern for this project which has a bottom up construction with a collar and ribbing. I just looked at the picture of the cardigan and knitted my own custom top down raglan sleeve version of it. However, the cardigan does have the waffle stitch pattern and a little bit of the style of the Tinder cardigan by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed.

Yarn used: Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Chestnut Heather colorway.

Knitting experience: I really liked the depth and variety of the colors within this yarn. Here’s a close up of the colorway of the yarn.

It’s very budget friendly and machine washable.  I found this yarn a little rough on my hands while knitting but using hand lotion before knitting helped quite a bit. After washing the yarn is quite soft and warm.

Leave a comment if you’ve also found inspiration for your knitting projects by looking at the knits of different knitwear designers.

Happy Knitting!

The Simple Elegance of the Garter Stitch

Lately, I’ve rediscovered the simple elegance of the garter stitch. The garter stitch is a textured pattern that uses the knit stitch on both sides for flat knitting or knit stitch on one round followed by a purl stitch on the second round for circular knitting. It’s reversible and the edges don’t curl up making it a simple yet versatile stitch pattern. Garter stitch is usually the first stitch pattern we learn as a beginning knitter and then move on to more complex stitch patterns. . As we learn other more complex knit stitch patterns, we end up using the garter stitch pattern mostly for borders and edges of our knits. Yet one can create many beautiful and versatile knits when the garter stitch is combined with lace, shorts rows, or different yarn color variations. Several examples of knits with garter stitch patterns can be found on Ravelry.

Here is my version of the simple and elegant Purl Soho’s Dovetail Scarf pattern. I modified the pattern using a different yarn and a picot bind off. More project detail on this knitting project can be found here. For this project I used yarn left over from a previous sweater project.

Garter Stitch Scarf

So whether you are a beginning or an expert knitter, I invite you to rediscover the simple elegance of the garter stitch. I have and will be using this simple and elegant stitch pattern more this year to create a number of new knits.

Coffee Tea or Knits is now Coffee Tea Knits

Hello folks welcome to Coffee Tea Knits. It’s Coffee Tea or Knits with a new name and a new look. My previous blog entries are still available at Coffee Tea or Knits. I will be moving these entries to the new site soon. Right now I have several incomplete knitting projects that I’m trying to finish by the end of this year.

A Piece by Piece Blanket

This blanket is a modified version of the log cabin scrap blanket pattern. I knit this using garter stitch and two colors only. The center square is knit first. With the last stitch remaining on the needle after bind off, the piece is rotated to one side and stitches are picked up and knitted. This process is then continued for all sides. I kept the garter stitch pattern so I could knit while I watched TV.  One side of this blanket is smooth while the other side shows the ridges of the picked up stitches. I like the pattern the ridges form. Yarn used:  Lion Brand Pound of Love in pastel pink and lilac.



Product vs. Process Knitter

I was reading some knitting blogs and came across product versus process knitters. A product knitter is one who has a specific purpose for the knitted item (a blanket, sweater etc.) while a process knitter is one who knits for the technique, the pattern or the yarn and not so much to complete a knitting  project.  I like to complete knitting projects so I think I’m a product knitter although the more I learn about yarn and the various stitch patterns and techniques the more I find myself thinking of the process than the project. Knitting just swatches to try out new yarn or stitch patterns still bothers me. So I think small knitting projects such as dishcloths or scarves satisfy both the product and the process knitter in me. So tell me are you a product or process knitter?